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Our area of expertise is in telemetry system with key focus in software system design and development. We offer our clients our expertise in building systems and applications that solve their operations needs right from the idea conceptualization to project commissioning.

While our main focus is on meteorological solutions using our in-house data logger or working with other 3rd parties data logger, we also provide our expertise in remote monitoring and control systems for other industries with SCADA requirements - Remote Gas Plants, Solar farms, Dam and others.

We help our clients in solving their operations needs in using the right technology and cost effective approach. Based on their requirements, we design and develop a suitable IT solutions to ensure maximum effectiveness. We offer resources in architecting, designing, developing, change management and commissioning the system for our clients.
When we embark on projects, we make sure that we understand the business requirements and also the various resources needed to make them a success. With a team of specialists from various background – engineers, software architects, software developers, computers engineers, meteorologists, network engineers – we help our clients to manage the complexity inherent with large systems development and integration and technology change events, from requirements development to architecture, testing to deployment, and beyond. Our services include system design & development, integrations, testing, commissioning and training.
We take all our clients' needs very seriously. When it comes to infrastructure design, we assess each case carefully and select the best infrastructure to meet the business requirements depending on the processing load, future demand and also cost. We work with various tiers of hardware partners to ensure we carry full range of products to meet all levels of requirements from our clients. We offer our clients servers, storage, network and security services.
While we produce our standard NX7000 and NX1000 series of logger, we provide specially designed ad custom made data logger for our clients. We have developed data acquisition and processing boards for oil & gas, factories, ports and plantation industries.